Market Sector: FMCG & Consumables

Bloom Toolkit: Branding, Business and Marketing Strategy, Product Development & Business Development

Business Life Cycle Stage: Growth

The Task

Develop and launch a portfolio of 7 consumer brands

Client Testimonial

"At the beginning of launching my company it was imperative to surround myself with great people that could share my vision. I engaged Bloom at the beginning of a vital growth phase being planned for our company.

Bloom played a key role in leading the development and implementation of the business and marketing strategy and the development of each of our brands from start up. I contribute a great part of our success to the guidance and work from the Bloom team."

Mr. Phillip Ross, Founder & Managing Director of Think Group


The Think Group was set to become one of Australia’s fastest growing consumer goods marketing companies. The company was in infancy stage and on the verge of entering into the growth phase. The Founder and Managing Director’s plan was to launch several European brands into the Australian market, all in quick succession.

Bloom developed each brand from a Start Up position, identifying the brand positioning through a thorough study of the competitive landscape, developed the product portfolios, developed the marketing touch points and developed the channel strategy for each brand.

The marketing touch points included logo design, web design and content, product catalogues, product display design, POS, campaign design and print and electronic media.

When Bloom had concluded its work with the Think Group, the company went from employing 20 employees to over 100 and went from an annual turnover of $1.2m AUD to over $45m AUD.

Brand Development - Branding & Marketing Strategy

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B2C Campaign Design - Marketing Strategy

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Merchandising - Product Development

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Brand Development - Branding & Marketing Strategy

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Brand Development - Branding & Marketing Strategy

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Web Development & Content- Branding, Marketing & Business Strategy