Market Sector: Professional Services (Project Management & Design)

Bloom Toolkit: Marketing & Business Strategy. Business Development.

Business Life Cycle Stage: Growth

The Task

Re-launch the brand and develop customer best practice procedures for market share expansion plans.


The Smith Madden Group had plans to expand and grow their market share. Their brief to Bloom was to review the company brand, marketing touch points and the customer experience.

Bloom researched the market and competitive landscape. We developed a best practice plan on client services and improved efficiency and operational methods to help Smith Madden enhance their client experience.

The new marketing touchpoints were developed, including revised logo and a new website that Bloom coordinated the copy and architecture for so as to reflect the brand values. New print and electronic media campaigns were adapted reflecting the new brand.

Smith Madden planned on engaging some major clients that would play a vital role in their growth plans. Bloom developed the client presentations and was present at the client pitches, playing a lead role in gaining Smith Madden one of their largest projects in the company’s history at the time.

Web Development & Content - Branding & Marketing Strategy

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Client Project - Business Development

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Client Project 2 - Business Development