Market Sector: Engineering Technology

Bloom Toolkit: Business & Marketing Strategy. Branding.

Business Life Cycle Stage: Start up

The Task

Define the mission and vision statements with Founder. Build a corporate strategy plan covering all areas of the business.

Evaluate the existing brand and deliver a new brand plan and implement into all touch points. Develop a new website and manage the content and architecture.

Client Testimonial

"With no prior knowledge of the preheating engineering market, Bloom was able to join our team and play a crucial role developing the strategic business plan and defining our company ethos. Bloom played a key role in articulating our vision as a solution provider in contrast to traditional product push focused companies.

Bloom has a minimum standard which is rare; a commitment to seeing the ultimate potential and settling for nothing short, this can be seen in the standard of care which was taken to develop our website, logo and brand communication packages."

Mr. Stefan Romocki – Founder & Managing Director


We admit that in the beginning Bloom knew little about the engineering technology sector when first engaged by ProHeat. After having our first Think Tank, it was clear that the Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Stefan Romocki, was onto something great and we shared his vision and passion for his plans to bring a paradigm shift to his selected market.

We set out to challenge all that existed, for the sake of setting best practice objectives, and developed a mission and vision first for ProHeat. Bloom then reviewed the system solution (product offer) that the company was developing and carried out thorough competitor analysis.

Bloom partnered up with Mr. Romocki to develop his strategic business plan that saw us thoroughly research the market, competitor analysis, a specialist supply chain, product design, research & development, operations, HR management and all the relevant financials.

We stripped down each segment of the business and put it back together again to articulate the critical success factors and action plan needed to launch. The plan engaged all involved in the business, from customers to suppliers and launched ProHeat into the UK preheating market with a unique market position

Bloom helped ProHeat outline a clear and precise picture of where the company is headed, how it will meet its objectives and how it will navigate the challenges that lay ahead.

Bloom helped articulate the ProHeat brand values, resulting in a new and fresh company logo with integrated marketing touch points that delivered a consistent brand message. Included in this integrated package was a new ProHeat website

Bloom is proud to be associated with a dynamic company such as ProHeat and will continue to have a close association with Mr. Romocki as an advisory consultant.

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