Market Sector: Food & Hospitality

Bloom Toolkit: Business and Marketing Strategy, Branding & Product Development

Business Life Cycle Stage: Seed

The Task

Develop a new juice bar brand and launch two kiosks.

Our challenge was to make the brand dynamic enough to stand out and give customers a reason to buy. An integrated marketing strategy needed to be employed to consistently deliver the USP of the brand.


Two eager entrepreneurs to help develop their new healthy, fast food concept called upon Bloom. Our task was to create a superior brand and product offer that rivaled a dominant player in the Australian market. An initial two kiosks were being planned to open as test sights. The founders decided to enter the juice market and develop their own brand instead of purchasing an expensive franchise.

After much research and development of what the brand attributes would be, the Freshburst name was adopted. Freshburst was the new juice bar brand we developed offering a more exciting and dynamic menu. The campaign ‘more fruit more flavour’ was employed that became the brand promise.

Bloom engaged a food stylist and developed a sophisticated and tasty alternative menu that gave it an edge over its competitors. The strategy we developed was to target the less crowded higher end of the juice market, with a product offering that ‘fused’ ingredients not seen in juices before. Thus the ‘Fusions Menu’ was born. The menu delivered a sophisticated ‘fusion’ of fresh and tasty juices under various segments such as, ‘ice fusions’, ‘dairy fusions’, ‘fruit fusions’, ‘salad fusions’ and ‘soup fusions’.

Some of these menu offerings were a first for the juice bar industry. An extensive market research campaign was adopted with focus groups to determine what was important in the menu offer and to sample some of the new creations.

The product offering was fresh and bursting with flavours, which reflected the brand promise and message. As a result, Freshburst was able to charge a small premium for it’s products and thus made higher profits.

Bloom designed the kiosks to reflect the brand image, which was fresh, modern and edgy. The launch campaign included a digital advertising campaign that was screened at the kiosks on large flat screens. The campaign was also shown at local cinema complexes.

From our perspective it was a pity we didn’t get to see Freshburst reach its potential as it was bought out by a large competitor 2 years after opening. Perhaps we could be as bold as to say this was a testimonial that Freshburst’s launch was quite a success!

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