Market Sector: FMCG & Consumables

Bloom Toolkit: Business & Marketing Strategy, Product Development & Business Development.

Business Life Cycle Stage: Growth

The Task

Brand development in International markets

Re-launch the brand in the UK market by reviewing existing marketing touch points, product portfolio and best practice customer service operations

Bloom initially was engaged to conduct an analysis of the Baumatic UK business


We set out firstly to immerse ourselves in the company and meet with relevant department heads of the commercial, operations, customer service and marketing teams

An extensive market research campaign was then adopted to ascertain what the market was saying about their customer engagement experience. Bloom built a case that depicted critical success factors in urgent need of attention and was engaged to manage and implement the needed change.

We overhauled Baumatic’s entire product portfolio and reviewed, amended and introduced new products customers wanted.

Bloom led the supply chain management and negotiations to achieve profitability objectives and ensuring products arrived to the required standard.

We then got busy on the marketing touch points and developed new marketing campaigns, product catalogues, digital and social media and a brand new website for Baumatic.

Baumatic went on to turn around its then weakening market performance to gain key customers back and improve profitability and turnover.

We returned for another exciting project with Baumatic, which was to help grow the brand into the Global market.

This involved us conducting extensive research to study potential markets that identified suitable business partners. We then negotiated and developed business contracts between companies and assisted the selected business partners to launch the brand in their own markets. An integrated global marketing campaign was adopted and managed.

Today the brand enjoys a global presence in over 20 countries and Bloom remains on side as an advisory consultancy.

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