Market Sector: Consumer Goods

Bloom Toolkit: Business & Marketing Strategy, Brand & Product Development

Business Life Cycle Stage: Seed

The Task

Develop a new brand of consumer goods for the AEG portfolio.


One of the world’s largest household consumer goods brands, AEG / Electrolux, was looking to introduce a new brand into the Australian market. Bloom was engaged and we soon got busy working out the concept of the new Start Up brand.

The brand name and logo were existing elements of this new business concept. A brand position strategy and market study was conducted by Bloom, with a thorough analysis of the competitor landscape.

After identifying the brand market position strategy, we developed the product portfolio to ensure suitability for the brand plan and market positioning.

The new brand, Andi, was launched and Bloom formulated the initial pitch presentation that was used to engage one of Australia’s most prestigious retail groups at the time, the Clive Peeters group, who went on to market and sell Andi products to become one of their fastest growing in house brands in the first year of launch.

Digital Marketing Campaign Design - Marketing Strategy

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Print Media Campaign Design - Branding & Marketing Strategy

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Merchandising - Product Development

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Merchandising - Product Development

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