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Inspire. Collaborate. Create. Grow.

We are very passionate about all types of Start Up business.
Our experience spans many years, inspiring entrepreneurs, helping them develop and launch their Start Up.

Collaboration is key and its via this process where we discover, learn, create and develop vital principles about your business.

Think of Bloom as your virtual business partner. We’re entrepreneurs too and we know how important it is to be surrounded by the right people who understand your vision and have the skills to help you achieve it. Pending on the stage you are at in launching your Start Up, Bloom offers a range of consulting services on Strategy, Brand, Product, Marketing & Business Development.

  • Think TankOpen or Close

    The Bloom Think Tank is ideal for entrepreneurs who are in the very early stages with their business idea.
    We will workshop the existing concept to stimulate fresh thought processes, providing new insights and opportunities for your fledgling Start Up.

    We will strip away complexity and return to basic fundamental principles to help us understand what your business will set out to be, what it will achieve and an overview of how you are going to get there.
  • Business StrategyOpen or Close

    What does Strategy mean to you and your Start Up? How do you develop one that best suits your business?
    By not planning and clearly defining your strategy would be like trying to drive in the dark without your headlights on.

    A great strategy pinpoints the critical success factors that operate like an engine room, continuously steering the business to achieving its objectives.
  • BrandOpen or Close

    Your brand is your stamp that tells the world about your business.
    Branding is more then just a logo, it is about building the foundation of your Start Up and defining the emotional connection to your desired audience.
    Your brand is your product, your values and culture, it’s promises to its customers and much more.

    Spending time defining an effective brand plays an essential role in ensuring you stand out in a crowded market.
    Intelligent branding goes beyond and engages with not only your customers, but employees and stakeholders. It is vital to ensure you have a brand that speaks proudly about your business as you do.
  • Marketing StrategyOpen or Close

    Many marketing strategists discuss the 4 P marketing principles as a ‘must do’ model for every Start Up. We couldn’t agree more. It is these fundamental marketing practices that will highlight potential dangers from the beginning and ensure a detailed plan is in place. It is a process that discusses in detail your positioning, price point, channels to market and relevant promotions to launch your Start Up.

    Importantly communicating this to all stakeholders and employees so everyone is on board with the go to market strategy.
    Once this is in place, Bloom can combine this with your digital marketing requirements that are relatively low in cost. This includes social, email marketing, PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • Product DevelopmentOpen or Close

    It may seem obvious to say that you need to design your product and service with your customer’s needs in mind. We would love to think every Start Up thinks that too.
    But unfortunately sometimes we get lost in our own enthusiasm and excitement for what we are proposing to launch.
    How much time has spent researching the competitor landscape? Does your product and service really have what your customers want?

    Will they really buy? What lean start up techniques can you adopt to truly test your market before going a full launch?
    Our experience in new product development ensures a comprehensive study of your product and service, looking at things like the supply chain and customer experience.
    We benchmark against the existing competitor landscape and discover your true value proposition.
  • Business DevelopmentOpen or Close

    How do you maximise doing business with your existing customers?
    How do you find new ways to market?

    We are not sales people but we like to think we can think outside the box and look at cost effective ways to help you promote your business further and attain new customers and engage more with your existing ones.
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Bloom Case Studies

Here are some examples of the diverse markets Bloom has worked within.

Inspiration behind Bloom

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value". Albert Einstein

Team Member 1

Hi and thanks for visiting our Bloom page. I think you get the message by now that at Bloom, we are passionate about Start Ups and new business. I am an entrepreneur myself and understand the challenges that face you when launching a new business.

Though I’ve worked for developed companies before, it is the Start Up market that I believe I can be of the most use to. I’d like to consider myself a mediator of change who thinks laterally and solves problems creatively. I surround myself with an intelligent team of individuals that collaborate with me on my work to deliver the anticipated results.

My ambition is to help like-minded entrepreneurs achieve their goal of launching their Start Up business. I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Cristina

Founder & Managing Director


3rd Floor
207 Regent St
London SW1B 3HH