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Inspire. Create. Launch. Success. Introducing your bloom business Start Up tool kit.

Think Tank

The Bloom Think Tank is a perfect introduction that allows us to immerse ourselves into your business in a creative and fun workshop environment. We will stimulate ideas with thought provoking discussions to provide new insights of your business.

We strip away complexity and go back to basics to simplify and define what you want your business to be, what your business will set out to achieve, providing an action plan going forward.

Our Think Tank is a cost effective way for entrepreneurs to use Bloom as an initial springboard on their Start Up.

You then decide if you would like to partner up with us to help you drive your business further in the other key areas identified in our Bloom Toolkit.

Business Strategy

Strategy is a bit of a buzz word in business these days. What does it mean? How do you define it? How do you develop a strategy that is best suited to your business?

We will help firstly define and identify what your mission and vision is. We will develop your business strategy into an overall plan that will play a pivotal role in establishing your position in your chosen market.

The strategic business plan will provide a complete picture of your internal and external environments with clear objectives for growth, ensuring your competitive advantage.

We will then incorporate the strategy through internal and external communications.


Have a think why farmers originally branded their cattle. Branding was developed so that they could tell the difference between their livestock from nearby farmers, as often the cattle looked all the same. Today, companies and their brands are often like livestock, blending and looking the same as one another.

Effective branding plays an essential role in helping your business stand out in an overcrowded market. Intelligent branding also goes beyond and engages emotionally with your employees, stakeholders and importantly with your customers.

Bloom can help you review and establish your brand so it is aligned to your overall business strategy, ensuring your brand platform reflects the desired values and positioning. Consistent key messages will be delivered that will build the required brand reputation to your target market.

Marketing Strategy

The four P’s of marketing are quite an established and popular method to developing a marketing strategy. Often quoted by marketing specialists as the ‘must do’ principles for companies entering a new market.

What should my product offer? How is it different to my competitors? What value would my customer place on the product or service I will offer? What position in the market should I occupy? What channels should I use to go to market?

Bloom questions just how many companies actually implement their marketing strategy based on the fundamental principles of 4 P Marketing. These and many more questions loom over us when starting up a new business.

Curious? Bloom will help define your marketing strategy and develop each touch point for an integrated campaign that reflects your brand and company’s USP.

Business Development

We can visualise it now….your business strategy is the envy of your competitors, your brand delivers your company promise brilliantly, the product offering is unique and just what your customers want and your marketing strategy is simply genius.

Whether Bloom has helped you get this far or not, we can hear you ask one more question…ok maybe two.

How do I maximise doing business with my existing customers? How can I find new ways to market?

Bloom can help you develop a B2B or B2C intelligent, customer engagement plan that will ensure your business and brand is at the forefront of your customers purchasing decision.

Product Development

At the heart of your business is your product. Tangible or not, it needs to deliver the correct message of your brand. Designing the product to deliver what your customers want, goes without saying, is a vital step in launching your start up.

Does your product have the features your customers need? Are you innovating? What else can be done to add value to your offer? Does the final product align to your brand and strategy in terms of placement and market position? What about your supply chain? Is it efficient and can it be improved to maximise efficiency and profitability?

Bloom’s experience in the NPD process will ensure a comprehensive study of your product offering, benchmarked against the competitive landscape. This process will bring to surface any areas that may need improving before going to market, saving your resources.

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